• Books , Magacines & More

    In this section we offer you some publications about music, musicians and music collectibles, like:

    * Books

    * Magacines, Fancines, and other readings

    * Sheet music

    * Posters, Photos & Cuttings

    * Memorabilia

  • Take Care of your Records

    In this section we are offering you some products that helps you to take care of your records, like:

    * Record Cases for Lps and Singles

    * Record Cases for Shellacs

    * Outer Sleeves for records

    * Vintage Company Sleeves

    * Cleaning Productos for records

  • Arts & Records

    In this section we are offering to artists some records not in good condition for listening, but ready to have a second life in the right hands. Our Customers usually manufacture:

    * Clocks

    * Wedding invitations

    * Golden Records Replicas

    * ... and many more                                          

  • Vintage Hi-Fi

    In this section we are offering you some vintage hi-fi modules, like:

    * Turntables

    * Amplifiers

    * Radios

    * Speakers

    * and other  Hi-Fi items

  • Signed , Prmos and more

    En esta section we are offering you hard to find records for any of this reasons:

    * Signed by Artist

    * Not in Discogs Catalogue

    * Test Pressings

    * Factory defect that makes them unique

    * ... and other surprises

  • Shellac

    Discos de Pizarra

  • Vinyl

    In this section we are offering you, vinyl records in all their formats:

    * Lps

    * 12" Maxis

    * 10"

    * 7" Singles

    * Picture Disc and others....

  • CD & DVD

    Of course, we think CDs & DVDs contribute a lot, and we belive in this format due to:

    * They offer remasters, rarities and  prevuously unreleased songs

    * The sound is slightly different than vinyl but some people likes it

    * There aren't vinyl pressings of lots of music created after yerar 1990

    * There are beatiful issues , with extra photos & detailed information

    * The format is still in force and booming in places like Japan

  • Cassete

    During the 70s and 80s cassettes was of fundamental importance in music democratization and in the access to distributon of may bands whose music, without the cassette and the small labels that supported them, would never have been published:

    * Complete your collection with cassettes from your favourite bands

    * Get those recordings that have not been released in CD or Vinyl

    * ....and from time to time we will offer 8-track cartridge as well

  • Collections

    In this section we are trying to help our customers to get a record collection , avoiding having to search the records one by one:

    * Different kinds of music collections : Classic, Jazz, Rock,....

    * Complete collections, from the first volume to last

    * One Purchase and one shipping for the whole collection

    * ....and time to start to enjoy it!

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