As you can see the address of our online store begins with HTTPS and a lock is shown next to the address bar. This guarantees that the information that is transmitted is encrypted, so we offer security in all transactions.

You can help us reinforce this security by avoiding buying using public Wi-Fi networks, because they don't offer any security guarantee in most of cases..

The payment methods we accept are as follows:

Bizum: It is our favorite in Spain, as it is a payment gateway that Spanish banks offer to their customers and the only information we share online to make / receive payments is a phone number. It is also free for both those who make the payment and who receives it.

Bank transfer: This is our recommended way of payment for payments between European countries. Years ago, with the implementation of the single payment area in Europe (SEPA) these transfers have no costs for the seller or the buyer. At the end of the process, if you chose this form of payment, we would share with you our bank details (SWIFT-BIC and IBAN) to facilitate payment.

PayPal: If you want to use PayPal, simply select PayPal and continue with the payment. 
For Paypal Payments only shipping with tracking is available and shipping will be to Paypal confirmed address, with no exception.  Also in order to keep under paypal protection policies we need Paypal payments were made by verified users.
So please, remember to confirm an address in the same country for which we charged the shipping costs, this is, the country informed in Discogs, and also to verify your account before payment.
All payments out of this rule will be automatically refunded. From March 2020, paypal isn't refunded the fees they charge for payaments, so the refund we're going to do in this cases is only the refund of the amount we get with the payment, so please be careful when you confirm your addres in paypal and select the right one.
Paypal is an end to end payment method with its own policies about refunds, returns, and other postsale processes, and charge fees for this services, so please if you start a payment by paypal, we need you to go on with paypal to the end of the process.